Monday, April 28, 2014

Fun Pictures of Korea


This little Korean Girl captured my eye (and heart)....I had to get a photo with her!!!

Gotta go pee??? Yes, this is an in-ground toilet...not to worry though, there are regular toilets, sometimes!

Here is your 'flushing' unit for a regular toilet! Looks complex, huh? Well get this, you can even have your seat heated!

Hello Kitty Cafe

Hello Kitty Café
Every little girl's dream place to be!

Pictures of Wonju



Sunday, April 27, 2014

A Small Village Full of Kindess

Well between loosing my iPad, being locked out of almost all of my apps and websites (including this blog), and trying to adjust to the difference in time zones (day/night)...I'm finally able to sit down and write!

Yancy and I loved Seoul - we will be going back someday! The culture is's so rich in history, beautiful scenery (past the tall buildings), and the food is wonderful! Reading a book on Korea is nothing compared to actually being there and experiencing it! The Markets in Seoul are too good to be true...tons of shopping and if you bargain just right, you've got yourself a deal!! Of course there are a few places where you will pay a higher price for things like Gucci, Coach, etc.

The night market in Seoul is something everyone needs to opens at 10 pm and closes at 4:30 am! Who wants to do some late night shopping?  :)

You are all probably really wondering what I found out while I was Seoul Searching....I found a village full of elderly Koreans who were intrigued about my story, and showed much kindness. That experience was something we did not expect to run into, but was, by far, the MOST helpful part of my journey! We learned from our 'Tour Duo' how much Koreans care, trust and value their own family as well as other families. They will take you as their 'own' (in some instances). For this, I am proud to be Korean.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Today (4/23/14) has been interesting. We traveled to Wonju to see where I am from. Luckily, we found the area where I was left. Not at all what I expected! The city itself is like any other city, but the specific area we went to was crowded with small, very small, apartments. All one level, run down, rusted locked gate entries to each door, and narrow alley-like pathways. We talked to several people, all of whom were kind and helpful! We gave everyone a we met a flyer about me and our translators name & number. With such a small village area, they will start 'talking' and maybe we will get a call?!

It was interesting and uncomfortable to see my place. I can't really explain my was overwhelming.

I had my iPad stolen, so that is why there have been no recent posts. We have the police involved - they are 100% on it! There is a possible lead; a tourist may have nabbed it. Once the person got my iPad, they somehow changed my password to this blog site so I was locked out - I could not log in to post. So frustrating!! One lesson NOT save your passwords so you can automatically log in to your apps!! I had to change as many passwords as I could think of! I'm still changing more as I remember what apps I had. I did go in and lock my iPad from my iPhone and if they get online I will be notified. I had just bought (at San Fran airport) a Bluetooth keyboard for this person got a heck of a deal.

Well it's 3:20 am Thursday, so I'm off to bed. Ohhhh....why am I still up, you say?  I went night shopping at a market! It is a night market w/ several malls that open at 11 pm! I'm sure you all can guess that Yancy stayed back in the room!  :) actually he got a cold today (or maybe he faked it to avoid shopping?!).   Ha!

Good night all!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Yancy's entry

I'm a little behind so bare with me....

Wow! A 13 hour flight across the pond! Needless to say, my ass was in need of medical attention. But, If anyone ever wishes to get over this way, I highly recommend Korean Air. Very clean, very efficient airline. Amazing service! Free movies, TV, music playlists, and plenty of food and beverages offered. They made such a long flight pass by extremely well. But my ass still knows it was ALL of 13 hours!

There's approximately 15 hours (ahead) time difference between home, and South Korea. We landed at Incheon Airport near Seoul at about 6:30 pm, and I was all of a sudden older than when I left, given the time change.  After getting through the airport, and waiting for transportation, it was dusk. The bus ride in was a bit of a let down, only because it was dark, so we couldn't see much of the foreign land we were so eagerly anticipating. However, Koreans drive with an ability that Mario Andretti, Dale Earnhardt, and Al Unser, jr. would be proud of! This made my aforementioned medical condition a bit worse, but also gave us a little excitement as we rode through the city.

Weekend Tourists!

Today we have been true tourist! Yancy and I braved finding a coffee shop and ordering - it was quite comical. We got succeeded in getting coffee, and wanted a fruit cup they had. The fruit cup was on display was to show you that it would be blended into a juice. We tried to ask (using our handy Korean translation app) for fruit only, no fruit juice....after several attempts of trying to communicate, we just paid for our coffees, and went on our way!

We went to the Gyeongbokgung Palace to see the 'Changing of the Guards' ceremony, but missed half of it...we will catch it another day. Then we toured the is a replica of the original one. It was amazing...unbelievable architecture and detail.